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Event and experiential marketing

Thanks to our association with Pierre Jutras (Aerolande), Cosy Bubble benefits from a world of experience in the development and creation of inflatable structures. Mr. Jutras' client list span the globe and includes Tiger Corp. (S Korea), Lucion Media (Canada), Cirque du Soleil (Canada), Absolute Hollywood (U.S.), The Montreal International Jazz Festival (Canada), The Earth Summit (Denmark)Montréal en Lumière (Canada), and the Aboriginal Pavillion (Vancouver, Canada).

So if you and your company are searching for a powerfull idea, something original that will seperate you from the clutter, Cosy Bubble is for you. Our inflatable structures are completely customizable and can include your corporate colours, logos and messages. With Cosy Bubble, your brand gets the attention it deserves.

You can even choose to customize the dimensions of your inflatable
environment, and use as many structures as you need for your event. Our structures can be interconnected to create a larger, integrated environment, and thanks to emerging projection technologies, the entire interior of the structures can become a projection screen, turning your corporate experience into videomapping installation. 


Here some of the ways that Cosy Bubble environment can be used:


  • Display/showroom

  • Videomapping

  • On-site activation

  • Virtual reality room

  • Cell phone charging booth

  • Yoga/meditation/fitness

  • Workshop

  • Video games room

  • Kindergarden

  • Beauty treatment

  • Camping's Festival

  • Glamping for touristic industry, corporate event and wedding parties

Along with our partner, Poetti Design, Cosy Bubble can offer exclusive graphic design for your inflatable structure. 

Contact us if you are interested in setting your corporate brand apart and discuss the almost limitless possibilities offered by Cosy Bubble.

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